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We take your fun seriously 

Sportista offers quality activewear, footwear and accessories to those who are serious about their sport. We also offer active persons the latest technological products in order to enhance their performance.

In-store, Sportista creates an experience that makes shopping both unique and fun through knowledgeable staff and a vibrant sports environment. Whether you love to run, play football, or simply break a sweat, fuel your passion at Sportista.

Sportista store front at Camana Bay

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Please note we are working exclusively online as we relocate to another unit in Camana Bay. You can visit our shopping website here.

Our goal is to help you reach yours

Since inception, Sportista has partnered with several like-minded individuals, organisations and businesses who share our vision and values of community, inclusivity, and technology.

Sportista has also sponsored local events benefitting non-profits such as the Cayman National Trust, Meals on Wheels, and the Cayman Crisis Center.

The launch of the Sportista Sports and Fitness Expo, an annual event started in July 2019, is the most exciting venture to date. For more information on news, events, and products join our newsletter!

We are Sportista 

Siblings Josephine, Naoki, and Emelina Montoya combined their energy, knowledge and love for health and fitness to form Sportista.

Their inspiration started from experiencing a Nike store in London, England and continues to be developed through partnerships, international travel, and family team briefings.